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Partner with us

Sponsorship of the Anishinaabe Art Festival offers significant philanthropic and marketing opportunities both locally and nationwide. This nationally promoted Art Festival will allow you to align your brand with compelling events that have memorable visual impact while producing benefits you can tailor to your specific needs. 


To reserve your partnership with the Anishinaabe Art Festival, please make check payable to: 4-Directions Development - AAF in the amount of your preferred sponsorship level and mail to: P.O. Box 1020, Red Lake, MN 56671.

  • Name on Event Program                            

  • Name on Festival Map 

  • Name on Event Website


​ Includes all Turtle Sponsorship Level Benefits


  • Sponsorship Presence on Social Media

  • Sponsor Board at One Activity Location


​ Includes all Bear Sponsorship Level Benefits


  • Sponsor Board at Two Activity Locations

  • A Link from Our Website to Yours 

  • Sponsor Announcements during Festival


​ Includes all Crane Sponsorship Level Benefits


  • Large Sponsor Banner at Festival Entrance

  • Sponsor Announcements on Radio Ads 

  • VIP Access Badge

We deeply appreciate your interest in sponsoring the Anishinaabe Art Festival. Please feel free to contact us below with any questions.

We will get back to you soon!

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